Our Club: what is it.

Arctic Sail Expeditions - Italia a non-profit sporting Club .

The activities

Planning and performing explorations based on a sailing boat and carried out mainly in seldom visited and poorly known areas of the World, especially in polar waters, with the ambitous goal to enlarge our knowledge of the areas and people while carrying out cultural and scientific projects in connection with public and private Intitutions.

How are they carried out

All the above with a friendly and cooperative spirit and harmoniously sharing all the tasks on board

How to take part

All the Club members coming on board are at the same time crew members and assist with their personality and contribution to the success of the voyages, supporting as well their implementation.

Becoming a member

Joining the Club is unrestricted and open to those sharing its goals and spirit and that are phisically fit and prepared to face the sailing conditions requirements. The only fee required is an on time payment of 100,00 € at the time of subscription.