Best Explorer

Dal Mar Ligure al Mar Glaciale Artico

From the Ligurian Sea to the Arctic Sea

At the beginning of 2007, Best Explorer was purchased and prepared for navigation to the Arctic Sea.

The main stages of the great journey to the north touched Gibraltar, the Bay of Biscay, Ireland, Scotland to the remote Far Oer islands. Best Explorer continues to turn the bow to higher and higher latitudes to reach Reykjavik and then the isolated Jan Mayen and, through the internal channels of Norway, the city of Tromsø, elected as a base. From here begins a series of navigations in the beautiful landscapes of Lofoten and then to the extreme north, in the Svalbard archipelago, reaching the latitude of 80 ° north.

Here the boat and its crew enter a completely new world, remote and desolate, which hides many dangers, yet inevitably suggestive and bewitching, made of wide landscapes dominated by imposing glaciers, volcanoes, tundras and tiny villages wrapped in a great silence . But it is above all the world of animals that is the great charm of these Arctic regions, which reserve the emotion to see whales, sea birds, reindeer, walrus, beluga and white bears moving undisturbed in their natural habitat. Emotions that leave those who are lucky enough to experience these unique encounters aboard Best Explorer.

The book ends with a brief but useful description, accompanied by cartographic images, of twenty-five anchorages in Spitsbergen, the main island of Svalbard.