Get ready to sail on Best Explorer

Included and excluded (apart from special situations specifically stated)

The cruises' fee includes fuel, water, harbor fees and duties, and, generally speaking, all costs directly related to the boat.

The boat has a third party liability insurance and SAR (Search and Rescue), but we strongly recommend to individually provide for a personal medical and accident insurances (e.g. Europe Assistance).

Not included are the individual trips to join and leave the boat even if caused by the boat being in different locations from the planned ones due to unforeseen reasons. The same happens for local transportation and all costs related to individual or optional activities such as diving or local sightseeing which are the responsibility of each participant.

Excluded as well are fees related to individual visas, duties that each participant must obtain directly, etc.

Food will be purchased where practical through the kitty, generally no more than 20,00 € per day and per person. Alcohol and beverages, possibly not shared by everybody, will be purchased separately, if necessary.


 Living on board


Sailing mainly in remote places it will seldom happen to stay in modern marinas and one should be prepared to spend most of the time on board while at anchor.

Stores will be purchased at the beginning of the cruise and will not be generally possible to increase them during the trip. This is especially true for water. Drinking water will be stored in boat's tanks ad automatically cleaned and filtered and has to be used sparingly.

Food, mainly of Italian flavor and style, will be prepared in the boat's kitchen by the crew of which you will be part and meals will be taken all together as a powerful mean to socialize, if at all possible.

During passages the crew will be assigned watches that will follow one another without a break (navigation in the open sea continues without stopping even at night).

As soon as the time and the position allow us we will go ashore visiting, trekking or take short trips on the raft. If we sail for short distances it is customary to weigh anchor soon in the mornig, possibly before breakfast, if there are interesting places to visit, in order to drop anchor in good time before sunset and keep a "shore" pace.



What should you bring with you


A soft suitcase to be easily stored onboard and a hand baggage.

For the night, a pijama, a sleeping bag, a pillowcase, personal toilet kit, personal medicines, at least a towel.

To stay inside: two sets of comfortable clothes (the saloon temperature should never go below 18°C even in colder climates).

For the outside, beyond the garments fit for the prevailing climate of the sailing area,  a wetsuit for colder climates and a K-way, sunglasses and a suitable hat, shoes to step on corals and well insulated boots, boat shoes, snorkeling equipment (warmer places).

Photo and videocamera, binocular (tho one of the boat is reserved), a headlamp. It is possible to recharge batteries on board both with 12V and 220V.

Suntan lotions and mosquito repellents are your responsibility. We do not have scuba diving equipment (air bottles) and there is no room to carry it on board.


Adventure sailing


It's an exciting full immersion sailing experience willingly participating to all the activities on board, from planning the course to taking the helm, taking care of the boat and exploring the nature, all the while enjoying the vacation and having time to attend to one's favorite hobbies like filming, snorkeling, where possible, and trekking.

While on board will will be possible to assist in sampling and scientific observations on behalf of research institutes and the crew will be allowed to help carry them out: an interesting opportunity to contribute to the advancement of knowledge of the sea and the environment.

Adventure sailing takes place in areas not easily reached otherwise and with the help from sailing experts and on a boat as suitable and  environment friendly as possible.

Coastal and ocean passages will have different duration and peculiarities according to the areas where Best Explorer will sail during her wanderings around the world.

The crew will include at times groups of old friends joined by new friends and sea enthusiasts that have selected to share with us our common passion.

Lovers of nature, sportsmen,  photographers or just inquisitive persons: all have and will found the opportunity to feel extraordinary emotions.

As we wil sail most of the time in areas never visited before by us surprises will not lack, but this is part of the fascination of the adventure.

It is not necessary that every crew member be an accomplished sailor, bus it is for sure advisable to be unselfish, flexible and capable of adapting to different and sometimes not very comfortable conditions: this is something strictly connected to exploration and adventure of which we promise you will have a handful.