The Northwest Passage

The Northwest Passage is the sea route connecting the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean north of the American continent, among the ice of the Arctic Ocean


La rotta seguita da Best Explorer

Strictly speaking, the Passage is approximately 5,000 sea miles long that have been defined somewhat questionably the  toughest route in the world because the ice, even now with the global warming, are blocking the way most of the time, even in summer (as it happened as recently as in 2018).


This route has been followed for the first time by the Norwegian Amundsen in three years, from 1903 to 1906, while conducting several important scientific observations (magnetic north pole)


No other Italian boat has ever before succeded in following this route. Arctic Sail Expeditions - Italia with the sailing boat Best Explorer was the first to complete the Passage.

The expedition sailed on the 1st of June 2012 from Tromsø, north of Norway, stopping in Iceland, following the western coast of Greenland, entering the maze of the Nubnavut islands, north of Canada, continuing along the low shore of the North Slope of Alaska to the Aleutian Islands.

The follow-up


Best Explorer, after having wintered in Alaska moored in the extremely windy King Cove, sailed again to new adventures in teh spring of 2013 touching the island of Kodiak, the Kenai peninsula, Seward, Prince William Sound, the capital of Alaska Juneau. She then followed the famous Inside Passage with its inlets, the humpback whales and the grizzly bears. She went then to the British Columbia, in the Desolation Sound and reached the southern tip of the Vancouver island wintering in the small harbour of Canoe Cove.


in 2014, entering again in the Pacific by the Juan da Fuca, Strait she followe south the American coast passing below the Golden Gate bridge and touching San Francisco and San Diego and coming to Mexico at Ensenada.

From there she continued following the coast of Baja California entering in some of the coastal lagoons, where the gray whales deliver their calves, reached its southern tip, Cabo San Lucas, crossing the Tropic of Cancer, entered the sea of Cortez, rich in whales, spermwhales, sea lions, various dolphins and the incredible flying mantas.

In 2015 she reached Tahiti passing the Galapagos and the Marquesas.

In 2016 she arrived in Australia after visiting the Cook, Niue, the Tonga, the Fiji, the Vanuatu and the New Caledonia.

In 2017 she went to Papua Barat, Indonesia and in 2018 se reached Osaka, in Japan, hving visited Raja Ampat, Sualwesy, the Philipppines, Okinawa, Kagoshima and Nagoya.


The future


Having wintered in Japan, Best Explorer will be prepared to face the new very tough challenge: the Northeast Passage that will bring her in 2019 to close the circle ending the circumnavigation of the world and the completion of the Arctic Ocean circling.