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Northern Arctic Sea Route

The program

The legs

Japanese legs

• From mid April to end June 2019: Japan

Coastal navigation witth stops and tourism during the cherry blossom season (waiting for the "sakura" forecast to be published). Preparing the boat for the Arctic legs.

Basically the route will follow this course: Osaka-Hiroshima-Shimonoseki-Miyazu-Toyama-Niigata-Akita-Sapporo

Each leg will last a couple of weeks (in principle from a Sunday evening to a Saturday morning) 2.000,00 € per person

From Japan to Kamchatka

• From the end of June 2019: Sapporo – Petropavlovsk

1.350 miles - 2.500,00 € per person

Exploring Kamchatka

• From 5th July: Petropavlovsk – Providenya/Anadyr

1.450/1.600 miles - 5.000,00 € per person

Arctic leg

From 30th July to 20th September - 15th October:  Providenya/Anadyr - Murmansk

4.000 miles - 40.000,00 €/person

• 30th July (approx.): crossing the Bering Strait and begining of the Arctic part. The crew will not change. The approximate dates of the various stops are:

• 10th August: Pevek
• 20th August: Tiksi (crossing Cape Celiuskin, 77° 43' N 104° 15' E, maximum northern latitude)
• 10th September: Dikson
• 20th September (earliest): Murmansk


From Russia to Norway

• A day between the 25th of September and the 20th of October: arrival to Tromsø

Immediately upon the arrival of Best Explorer in Tromsø. To be organized as soon as the boat will trtansmit the arrival date in Murmansk.

Taking part to the whole expedition will qualify for the priority over other crew members. The fee for the whole expedition will be  50.000,00 € per person. Second priority will be given to those willing to sail the Arctic leg. The fee will be 40.000,00 € per person.


Mind that dates at present are only for reference purposes, especially for the Arctic leg.

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