With ENEA for plankton

ENEA (National Agency for the New Technologies and thesustainable  economical development) and its Division Phisical Technologies for the Safety and Health gave us an instrument to sample the sea water and measure the amount of plankton referred to the actual position of the sample.

We performed several checks and the results are now waiting to be evaluated by ENEA to define the necessary improvements.


With CIRM for telemedecine

The International Radio Medical Center assisting ships of every Nation is working to give us a diagnostic equipment to test and transmit via satellite the crew condition along our route with the aim to test the procedure in remote and especially Arctic waters




With ISPRA for microplastics

We just started to discuss with ISPRA (Higher Institute for Environmental Protection and Research) to examine wether will be phisically  possible to sample microlastics along the route with the material they will be able to provide us with.



Istituto De Pinedo_edited.png

Project "scuola lavoro"

Cooperating with Istituto Aeronautico e Nautico De Pinedo- Colonna of Roma we completed the project. of making pupils preparing daily analisys and forecast of the meteo conditions in the sailing area of Best Explorer and the liely path of our course in the next 24 hours and transmitting their results via radio e-mail to us.

They in time started adding a number of very useful additional information to teir daily messages.

They worked with the supervision of their teachers and, pendinig a formal review of the results, we can anticipate that we received confirmation of a great satisfaction from every side of the project.

We expect to continue to project and improve the method of forecasts and transmissions  next year on the much more challenging Arctic area..