Senza bussola fra i ghiacci

Without compass in the ice

An adventurous book with photographs and maps and historical data sheets on the exploration of the passage between the two oceans in the Arctic, both in the East and in the West, and with the official list of boats that have passed through Ámundsen to 2016.

The book is waiting for an editor willing to publish its English translation.

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From Anna Lucia Nicosia review

Mare Magazine Friday 3rd November 2017


If eighty-two hundred miles of sea sailing seem few: here is the North West Passage

Without compass in the ice, Adventure in the Arctic is the diary of an epic sailing trip along the Northwest Passage. For the first time in 2012 an all-Italian crew ventures on this route as prestigious as dangerous and treacherous. The only two members of the expedition to complete the whole route wanted to reconstruct the stages of the journey. From the technical preparation before the start, which lasted almost five years around the seas between Norway and Svalbard, at its completion in King Cove, after a navigation of a good eight thousand two hundred miles of sea. It is not a logbook, it is the story of a company that goes well beyond the technical details of navigation.

As often happens on the sea, the journey is outside and inside of onetself. It is a two-part book. One, that of Skipper Nanni Acquarone, technical and authoritative, dry and dry in the performance. It transpires a tender and sincere affection for the boat, the Best Explorer, enough to make it one of the protagonists of the story. "This year brought us to 80 degrees North, after he had suffered during the winter in the hands of people of little experience and inferior reliability. He made me promise that I would not leave it in similar hands ".

Words so loving the Skipper will not reserve it to anyone else. It is always apparent in the descriptions of Salvatore Magri and Nanni Acquarone a vigilant and profound attention to the conditions of the entire crew. Those who sail and love adventure will appreciate the technical explanations of a navigation to the North Pole, between ice that moves, widens and closes unexpectedly, without a compass, in the almost total absence of GPS and updated and reliable maps. Without stars in endless days, without light in long and dark nights. Impressive icebergs. Good sight, an echo sounder and attentive organization and sense of duty in the execution of the assigned tasks, a pinch of good luck, these are the ingredients of success.

The other pen in the book is that of Salvatore Magri. "Excellent travel companion also for the technical part ... serene, calm, available ... invaluable element of emotional stabilization", Nanni Acquarone describes it this way, in a few essential lines that shed light on the importance of the dynamics and balance of crew and the entire trip. Salvatore Magri in his digressions, you will recognize them from the italics, colors the story of intimate reflections, small anecdotes, funny descriptions at times humorous. They are short brushstrokes, on the places visited, the particularity of the characters encountered, on the daily life and on the aspects of cohabitation lasted five months on the Best Explorer. In his story the journey within himself takes the upper hand and gives a deeply human sense of the enterprise. The book closes with two important appendices dedicated to the representation of the world and the search for the Northwest Passage and the other to the history of maritime exploration in the Arctic regions with the addition of a complete list of expeditions since 1903, with Amundsen , they tried the feat. The company was so exciting that the Skipper Nanni Acquarone decided to raise the bar. He is preparing the continuation of the journey. From Hiroschima to Tromsø along Siberia and Russia to complete the circumnavigation of the Arctic to the North East. He is looking for funds, financiers, sponsors, a cameraman and experienced crew members who speak russian.

Pass the word ... The determination of the Commander and the interest that the company begins to arouse in many operators and companies in the sector, we are sure that it will solve all the technical and economic issues. If all goes well, he will sail just before July 2018. Good wind Best Explorer! You can follow the progress of the organization at this link and buy the book here http: //

Anna Lucia Nicosia