An Expedition for Science

We are proud to host onboard pioneering scientific experiments performed for the first time without the assistance af scientists:

* measurements of the plankton content in the sea water

* collection of microplastic samples along the route

* pupils interaction projects with nautical schools.

We assured our goodwill even without any financial suppport as we believe it would have been a pity not to get the opportunity of such a special trip to contribute to the advancement of the Italian science so neglected.

In addition the Northern Arctic Sea Route (Northeast Passage) is tough and extremely costly.

Some of the reasons of the costs are:

- The transit permits are dear and cannot be obtained without the help of Russian paid support

- Insurance premiums are high and require a preventive on site inspection by specialists in Japan

- Russian authorities require that there will be a Russian interpreter and a Russian pilot onboard, that we would pay

- It won't be possible to receive spare parts while in the Arctic and these have to be planned and procured in advance

Each of these points will increase our costs by tens of thousands of Euros

Your help will be essential to the success of our Expedition