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First Italian boat through the North West Passage


Right after having completed the North West Passage the following information has been issued from the boat: Today, September 18th at 19:00 ship's time corresponding to 03:00 UTC and to 05:00 European time September 19th 2012 Best Explorer, first italian boat and first totally italian crew ever since, completed the North West Passage sailing between the two Diomede Islands, the Big one , russian, and the Little one, american, after more than 7,000 miles from Tromsø, Norway. The sun appeared through the clouds while passing and the 15 knots wind has been friendly to us. We have duly toasted to Neptune/Poseidon/Sea God or whathever name He has, thanking Him to have let us pass without harm! Thanks to all who have sailed with usand to those that still have to join us on board to complete the trip and thanks to all those who have so generously helped us to organize and manage this historical feat, making it a success for all of us. Nanni and the crew all of Best Explorer At 9/18/2012 9:36 PM (utc) our position was 66°17.00'N 168°13.00'W To stop once and for all, we hope, any misundartanding, we hereby specify that Billy Budd owned by our friend Cristina Rapisardi, reached another extremely important goal having been the first pleasure boat ever to touch Winter Harbour in Melville Island and to sail through the Prince of Whales Strait. Billy Budd, however, is an English registered boat and was crewed by a british crew.

Note: After having first published this post we received this comment from Douglas (we couldn't transfer comments from our previous website):

"While I understand about S/V BILLY BUDD being registered as UK but owned by Mrs. Cristina Rapisardi (ITA) you can be assured that M/V DIONE SKY transited Prince of Wales Strait in 2010, next was Paul Allen's M/V OCTOPUS (128m) yacht under the helm of Jannek Olsson in 2010 also crossing through Prince of Wales Strait."

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