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Best Explorer

In this section you will find the main technical details of the boat and the reference to its history and from this to the details on the "Shore Team", an essential element of our navigations, and to the bibliography that concerns it

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The boat

Italian flag
Type: Sailing yacht with auxiliary engine
Shipyard: CND
Launch: 1984

Technical features
Construction length 15.17 m.
Overall length 16.80 m.
Width 4.57 m.
Hull draft 1.40 m./3.00 m.
Empty weight 25 t.
Navigation weight 28 t.
Solé Diesel SM 105 95 HP 6-cylinder engine.
Sail surface 181 m2
5 diesel tanks (2,000 l.)
Water tanks 4 (1,600 l.)
Cabins 5
12 berths
3 electric toilets
2 x Webasto heating
24 V power supply (220V with inverter and 12V with converter)


The boat was designed by the Giorgetti and Magrini studio based on the Best series project
51' and was built in the CND shipyard in Milan, which no longer exists.


It is a cutter-rigged sailboat with  a Marconi rigging and with steel hull and deck.

The mast is made of aluminum 20 m high. on the surface of the water. The boat is 15.17 m long. which, with the aft platform, becomes 16.80 m.

The displacement is approximately 25 t. empty and 28 t. fully loaded and the tonnage is 24.67 t. The width is 4.57 m. The draft varies from 1.40 m. at 3.00 m. due to the lift keel, a particularly relevant feature.

Inside there are five cabins, one quadruple in the bow, two doubles in the center and two doubles in the stern for a maximum of 12 people. The facilities consist of three toilets with shower and hot and cold water and electric toilets and a kitchenette with a four-burner stove and home-style propane oven with 12V electricity supply. Two sinks with fresh and sea water and two refrigerators/freezers.
On board there is space for two liferafts for all the people on board, spare parts for most of the equipment and work tools to satisfy almost an entire workshop, as well as all the nautical and logistical material necessary to face long voyages independently .


The sail surface is 181 m². In addition to the sails, a Solé SM-105 naturally aspirated diesel engine of 95 HP. which allows a cruising speed of around 7 knots and a 15 HP outboard for the tenders.

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