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Best Explorer is looking for a new home!

Best Explorer is resting at its winter mooring in Copenhagen, waiting to learn its fate...


Since its launch it has sailed for almost forty years, first in the Mediterranean, then since 2007 it has fearlessly launched itself into the oceans. In these more than sixty thousand miles, she was the first to proudly carry the Italian flag, not only to complete the Northwest Passage north of America and the Northeast Passage north of Siberia, but consequently to circumnavigate the Arctic Ocean, second in the world to do it clockwise.

It's still lively now, but needs some attention. We no longer have the possibility, mainly due to our age, to provide it adequately.

So it is looking for a new owner willing to take it on, certain that can reward him with the dedication and security it has offered us.

It is perfect for exploring rough, shallow waters, as well as navigating storms in the heat and cold weather, keeping its crew protected, comfortable and safe.

It would really be a disgrace if his country forgot it and let some foreigner take it over, don't you think?

If you would like to learn more about the topic, send us a message by clicking here. Thank you

A special way to immerse yourself in nature and observe the sea and the world, this is to sail with us sharing our life on board and, in part, its burdens.
You will become part of the crew and take on the tasks, according to your abilities. Watches, tasks, satisfactions and discomforts, waiting for better weather and exciting sailing. Motor transfers and stops at anchor in the middle of silence and solitude or mingling between other sailors and local markets.
And every now and then the inhabitants of the sea and those who live by the sea who show themselves in their most genuine form.
If you can grasp what we can convey to you, even without the mediation of a formal nautical education, you will from now on look at the sea with very different eyes......

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L'Artico, un ambiente che cambia

L'Artico, un ambiente che cambia

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2019 - The North East Passage

The first Italian boat to do it

The first Italian boat to circumnavigate the Arctic Ocean

The absolute tithe

The second boat in the world to do it clockwise


The three volcanoes of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky: Koryaksky, Avachinsky and Kozelsky, Kamchatka (photo Kozinchev)

The route of the expedition

The Northeast Passage (properly Northern Sea Route) connects the Atlantic Ocean with the Pacific Ocean passing north of European Russia and Siberia.
It is a route used in the summer for a long time for trade along the coasts of Russia, with the help of icebreakers.
Unlike the Northwest Passage, sailboats rarely traveled by motorcycles, both due to the difficulty of obtaining transit permits, and due to the permanence of the ice along the coasts, which extend much further north, and finally due to the scarcity and distance of refueling points.
Starting from Japan to get to Tromso, the distance is similar to that traveled from Tromso to Alaska, but the purely arctic stretch is much longer.

Very brief historical note
The first attempt to travel the route from Europe was made in 1553, obviously without success.
The first westerner to travel the Northeast Passage was the Swede Adolf Erik Nordenskjöld in 1878, but it is likely that Russian boats have sailed along the coasts much earlier.

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The boat

Best Explorer

It's a 51 'steel cutter

It is the boat with which we passed 80 ° north, made the Northwest Passage, crossed the Pacific. and completed the Northeast Passage, becoming the second in the world to have circumnavigated the Arctic clockwise, as well as, obviously, the first Italians to complete all three feats.

It is equipped for explorations.

Made to accommodate 12 people, we have reduced the capacity to 8 seats to make room for all the supplies and spare parts needed for long journeys without support points.

Comfortable without being luxurious, it offers unexpected comfort especially in case of bad weather, thanks in particular to the canopy that protects the puddle from waves and wind.



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