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Included and excluded (unless different conditions for individual cases specified separately)

Included in the participation fee for the cruises are fuel, water, port fees and generally the costs related to the boat.

The boat is insured for civil liability and for SAR (Search and Rescue),  but it is strongly recommended to have individual accident insurance and individual medical insurance (eg Europe Assistance).

Individual trips to reach the boat and to return home are excluded, including additional trips due to embarkation and disembarkation locations other than those scheduled following unforeseen events. Similarly, local transport is excluded and anything that can be linked to individual or group activities at the moment such as diving and local sightseeing.

Also excluded are the costs of various permits related to individual travel, such as entry visas, individual taxes. etc. which are the responsibility of the individual participants also for obtaining.

Food is purchased where practical through the common fund, which generally should not exceed € 20.00 per person per day. The costs of alcohol and beverages, which may not be acceptable to all crew members, will be split separately if necessary. ​​


Life on board

Most of the time will be spent in remote places where equipped ports are the exception, so be prepared to spend most of the time on the boat and stop at anchor.

Refueling is done at the start of each cruise and it will not normally be possible to replenish supplies during the voyage. This also applies to water, which must be used sparingly.

The drinking water will be stored in the on-board tanks, from which it is automatically filtered and purified.

Meals will be prepared on board by the participants and will be substantially of Italian style: an occasion for convivial life is always welcome and eaten in common, whenever possible.

During offshore navigation the crew will be divided into various guards (shifts) that follow one another without interruption (navigation on the high seas obviously continues during the night).

When the places and the weather allow it, you can go on shore trips or excursions by rubber dinghy, snorkelling and walking.

When the stages are short, we leave early in the morning, sometimes even before breakfast if there are interesting destinations to be reached early, and we try to find an anchorage before sunset, thus maintaining "terrestrial" rhythms as much as possible.



What to bring with you

A non-rigid bag to be easily stowed on board and a handbag or backpack.

For the night and the underwear a pajamas, a sleeping bag, a pillowcase, the personal equipment for the toilet and personal medicines, at least a towel.

For the interior two complete changes of comfortable clothes.

For the outside, as well  appropriate clothing and the prevailing climate of the area, a complete waxed jacket in cold climates and a k-way, sunglasses and a suitable cap, shoes for walking on corals or well insulated and robust boots for walking on rocks, boat shoes, snorkeling gear (in hot climates).

Camera and video camera and binoculars (the one on the boat is for navigation), a headlamp . On board it is possible to recharge the batteries with both 12V and 220V.

Sun creams and skin protectors are your responsibility. On the boat there is no diving equipment (cylinders) nor is it possible to accommodate it.


Adventure Cruise


It is an exciting sailing experience with active participation in all the tasks on board, from the preparation of the route to the management and management of the boat and the exploration of nature, while still having the ease of enjoying the holiday and carrying out favorite activities, such as photography, snorkeling, where possible, and walks on land.

While on board it will be possible to witness the collection of scientific samples and observations and the crew will be allowed to help carry them out: a very interesting opportunity to contribute to the advancement of knowledge of the sea and the environment.

It takes place in places that are difficult to reach by other means with the guidance of experienced navigators and with a vehicle that is absolutely suitable for the environment.

Coastal routes or ocean crossings will have different duration and characteristics depending on the areas in which Best Explorer will find himself navigating his wandering around the world.

We find ourselves with groups of old friends plus sea lovers and new friends who have chosen to share a common passion with us.

Nature lovers, sportsmen, photographers or just curious: everyone has found and will find the opportunity to experience extraordinary emotions.

Taking place for the most part in places that have never before been reached by the boat, surprises are not lacking, but they are part of the charm of this type of navigation.

To participate it is not necessary that all crew members have previous sailing experience, but it is certainly good to have altruism, flexibility and ability to adapt to conditions different from those of a traditional ship: this is a corollary linked to exploration and adventure of which we guarantee you rich harvests.


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