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Weather forecast

Here we present a mosaic of sites that provide relevant weather forecasts for the areas traveled by Best Explorer

The hurricane reporting center

From the "About" page of the site:

" is Jonathan Edwards's web site dedicated to following tropical cyclones around the world. Jonathan Edwards has been developing hurricane-related web sites since 1995."


Hurricane center.png

World winds map

A global map of winds, temperatures, etc. of the moment from around the globe, editable in many ways with simple clicks. The possibility of changing the type of representation of the world is very interesting

Pacific and Arctic winds.png

Updated ice situation in the Northeast Passage

Ice map and information in the Northeast Passage provided by the Russian route administration site


Northwest Passage weather

The page of our site expressly dedicated to the weather relating to the Northwest Passage

Weather NO.png

Arctic ice in the Northeast Passage

North East Passage ice map and information provided by the Center for High North Logistics (CHNL)

Arctic Ice NE.png
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