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Scandinavia 2023

From 19 June to 23 September 2023

The scheduled cruise dates are as follows:

Base Copenhagen

Cruise 1: from 18 June to 1 July 2023 6 places can be booked

From Copenhagen to Stockholm

Cruise 2: from July 2nd to July 15th 6 places can be booked

Stockholm base

Cruise 3: from July 16th to July 29th Members: 4 - 2 places can be booked

Cruise 4: from 30 July to 12 August (reserved)

Cruise 5: from August 13th to August 26th (reserved)

Cruise 6: from 27 August to 9  September 6 places can be booked

From Stockholm to Copenhagen

Cruise 7: from 10 September to 23 September Members: 1 - 5 places can be booked

For details on cruises and participation fees click here:

Some important information

Boarding is expected after 6.00 pm on the starting day of each stage
Participants are requested to be ready to disembark by 9 in the morning on the day of the end of the stage
This is to allow for boat cleaning, maintenance and purchases for the new crew

The usable baggage is only the soft one. It will absolutely not be possible to take on rigid suitcases. Space on board is limited and therefore it is possible to bring only one piece of luggage plus a bag and any photo/cine bag. Luggage will have to find a place in the cabins of the participants.

Pillows will be available on board, but pillowcases and sleeping bags will be brought by the participants

Recharging of individual batteries will be possible

The boat is equipped with a well-stocked pharmacy, but each participant will take care of their own individual medicines. It will be advisable to inform the commander  of any special medical needs.

The stopping places can all be reached by plane with scheduled flights.

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