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The crew

The base crew is already formed: there is the Skipper, Nanni, and the second, Pietro. Pietro will also be the doctor of the expedition.

In addition to the two there will be a cameraman, with the difficult task of filming the scenes of the journey for the material that will be used to direct both a documentary and a themed film on life on board during an Arctic exploration. Our cameraman will also have the task of acting as an interpreter with the Russians, so he will have to speak Russian fluently, as well as Italian or English.

He will not be engaged in navigation duties: he will not have the time. Maybe he can take care of radio communications.

The Russian leg is likely to require a Russian driver on board.

The other four or five places are available.

In the Russian stage there will be people who will have had the opportunity to test their ability to live on a boat in such extreme places while sailing between New Guinea and Japan or who are already well known.

These requirements are not necessary for previous navigations.

Look at the call for applications to find out more!

                                              Call for participation                Tender Northern Arctic Sea Route







NB To participate in our initiatives it is necessary to be registered with our Association.

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