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Marine Propeller

Solbian Energie Alternative srl  was founded in 2009 following the success of the innovative SolbianFlex photovoltaic module built in 2006 for Giovanni Soldini's Class 40 'in collaboration with the CNR among professional sailors. A product that combines the high efficiency of monocrystalline silicon cells with lamination with special light and thin plastic materials with very high chemical and mechanical toughness and resilience. The company's goal is to produce innovative photovoltaic panels in order to broaden their field of applicability to sectors where lightness, flexibility and efficiency are fundamental conditions for their use. The characteristics of these flexible photovoltaic panels allow to bring the production of energy from solar sources wherever there is a need, even in extreme conditions: boating, electric mobility, campers, trekking, tarpaulins and tensile structures, developing countries, structures for emergencies. and first aid, as well as in particular architectural integration applications on buildings.


The Solbian Company supplies us with the new solar panels that will give us greater autonomy especially during sailing.

We are working with them to define the characteristics of the panels. We will keep you informed of our choices and the results of the installation.

Our company Marine Propeller Srl was born in September 1988.
The passion for boating and mechanics allow her to immediately make herself known on the national and international market for her product: the J Prop propeller; the variable pitch propeller conceived and designed specifically for sailors.
International patent The J Prop propeller is the result of studies and research aimed at improving not only its international patent but also at developing a product capable of satisfying the needs of Marine Propeller customers in the best possible way.
Participation in international events of the sector, both in Italy and abroad, has given us the opportunity to make ourselves known to a large clientele.

The Company continues to support us with its propellers starting from the Northwest Passage see the Partner NO page.


The propellers have given excellent evidence of their characteristics in both very cold and very hot waters and full of organisms without ever failing to flag or reverse orientation.

They also suffered various impacts both with ice and with submerged logs without any damage whatsoever.


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