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With ENEA for plankton

ENEA (National Agency for New Technologies and Sustainable Economic Development) and its Physical Technologies Division for Health and Safety have entrusted us with an instrument to test for sampling marine waters and measuring  geolocalized the presence of plankton along the entire route.


In development

With CIRM for telemedicine

The International Medical Radio Center that assists ships from all over the world  is working to be able to equip us with equipment for testing and diagnosing the health of the crew and transmitting the adti via satellite during navigation with the aim of testing the procedures in arctic and generally remote waters.

In development


With ISPRA for microplastics

We have started working with ISPRA (Higher Institute for Environmental Protection and Research) to establish whether it will be operationally possible to conduct a sampling of microplastics along the route with the tools that they will be able to make available to us.


De Pinedo Institute_edited.png

School-work project

We have successfully concluded a very interesting collaboration project Scuola Lavoro with the Aeronautical and Nautical Institute De Pinedo-Colonna in Rome.

The children under the guidance of their teachers have sent us daily weather forecasts for our area, accompanied by a very rich series of complementary information along the planned route.

We are anxious to meet with the teachers and the students for a joint volutation of the work, which from our observatory has been exceptionally productive and which we hope to be able to repeat next year in an even more stimulating environment.

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