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Shore team

Long navigations in remote locations require a complex support organization. In the case of exploration boats, the support group is called the Shore Team

Best Explorer benefited from a Shore Team especially in the 2012 sailings, the North West Passage, and in 2019, Northern Sea Route (North East Passage). The other navigations have also benefited in minor way.
The Shore Team varies depending on the commitments of the people who deal with it on their own free time. The names of the members, in alphabetical order, are: Marco Acquarone, Mario Acquarone, Nicoletta Martini, and Filippo Mennuni. Support was also received during 2019, as part of a School-Work alternation project, by the De Pinedo Aeronautical and Nautical Institute with the students coordinated by Professor Daniele Nuzzolese who transmitted the meteorological information personalized and specific for the navigation areas. Support was also received from the Society e-Geos which transmitted specific information on the state of the ice obtained through the Copernicus satellite system, even managing on a couple of occasions to identify the boat in the photos while sailing!

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