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Incontra Arctic Sail Expeditions - Italia
Arctic Sail Expeditions - Italia

Incontra Arctic Sail Expeditions - Italia

The Association, what is it

Arctic Sail Expeditions - Italy is a non-profit association.

What does it do

Plans and carries out explorations by sailboat conducted in little-known and less-known areas of the Globe, especially in polar waters, with the ambition of expanding the knowledge of places and peoples and at the same time conducting cultural and scientific projects in collaboration with public institutions and private.

How does it do it

This with a sprit of friendship, cooperation and sharing of tasks in harmony

How to participate

Each member taking part in the cruises is also a member of the crew at the same time and contributes with their work and personality to the success of the trips, also helping to support their realization.

How to become a member

Participation in the Association is free and open to anyone who shares the aims and spirit that animates its Members and is physically fit and prepared to face the conditions of navigation. The only contribution required is the annual registration fee of € 100.00 ("donate" button below).

Remember to fill in and send us the registration form because otherwise we would not know who to attribute your payment to! Thank you.


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