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The boat

Best Explorer is the boat we have chosen to sail the Northwest Passage. It turned out to be perfect for our purposes and as we know it well it is the one we continue to use for all of our businesses.

Best Explorer is a steel cutter with an overall length of 15.17 meters, designed by Studio Giorgetti and Magrini and built in 1984. The boat is classified 100 A 1.1 by RINA (which means that it is in perfect maintenance conditions). It displaces around 25 tons, has a minimum draft of 1.40 meters and a movable keel which, when lowered, brings the draft to 2.90 meters. The movable drift allows the approach and passage in conditions of shallow water, which are frequently found in the north. The bow has been reinforced and is in stainless steel with a thickness of 6 mm against the 5 mm of the rest of the hull. Navigating in the pack ice it happens to hit the ice sheets with moderate violence and the hull has held up very well. There is a wide range of sails, mostly in two specimens. The working sail area in the north (mainsail and yankee 2) is 80 square meters, the mainsails are fully battened. There are also the storm mainsail (with its track) and the storm jib. The interior is insulated with 10 cm. of foam. The hatches are protected by removable polycarbonate sheets which prevent condensation. The boat is heated by 3 independent systems, including a stove that does not require electricity to operate. There are 5 cabins, of which the forward one is used as a galley, warehouse and technical area during long crossings. The other four cabins have 2 berths each, in the two rear these are double. There are 3 bathrooms with shower, hot and cold water.

Images of the interior of the boat

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