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North West Passage blocked with ice - yachts caught


The Northwest Passage after decades of so-called global warming has a dramatic 60% more Arctic ice this year than at the same time last year. The future dreams of dozens of adventurous sailors are now threatened. A scattering of yachts attempting the legendary Passage are caught by the ice, which has now become blocked at both ends and the transit season may be ending early.

5:28 PM Thu 29 Aug 2013GMT 

Northwest Passage Archives - Cornell Sailing Events & Publications_files
Aventura's Logs, News

.... Although in many parts of the Northwest Passage the sea ice melted  earlier than normal, the crucial middle section remained iced up by the  middle of August. Both John Andrews of Suilven and Jimmy Cornell of  Aventura made their reluctant decision to turn back due to concerns  about arriving very late in the Pacific. Other yachts planning to  transit the Northwest Passage this summer have made the same decision ....


By Cornell Sailing 08.20.2014
Alluring Northwest Passage - the transit tally so far (2012)


To the 2012 end of navigation 184 transits of the Northwest Passage have been made. Excluding the three composite voyages (shown as cp on the chart) a route analysis shows:

Route 1: west 3 east 0 total 3
Route 3: west 29 east 30 total 59
Route 5: west 15 east 22 total 37
Route 7: west 0 east 3 total 3
Route 2: west 9 east 5 total 14
Route 4: west 29 east 14 total 43
Route 6: west 5 east 17 total 22
All Routes: west 90 east 91 total 18


2:07 AM Tue 26 Feb 2013

The Republic-Sport
Italians in the North-West


At 5.00 am Italian Best Explorer entered the Pacific Ocean from the Bering Strait. It is the first boat with Italian crew and flag to complete the legendary Northwest Passage, which joins the Atlantic to the Pacific passing north of the American continent


(September 20, 2012)

Our route
The route traceable on Google



Jonathan Adventure Sailing
North West Passage 2012

In 2012 Jonathan III with Mark as skipper sailed the North-West Passage. Starting from Longyearbyen in May this epic voyage took him and Jonathan III to Iceland - West Greenland - North West Passage (Northern Canada) - Alaska ending in British Colombia in 2013.



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