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Partners of the Northwest Passage

 Marine Propeller

Our company Marine Propeller Srl was born in September 1988.
The passion for boating and mechanics allow her to immediately make herself known on the national and international market for her product: the J Prop propeller; the variable pitch propeller conceived and designed specifically for sailors.
International patent The J Prop propeller is the result of studies and research aimed at improving not only its international patent but also at developing a product capable of satisfying the needs of Marine Propeller customers in the best possible way.
Participation in international events of the sector, both in Italy and abroad, has given us the opportunity to make ourselves known to a vast clientele.

Jprop has supplied us with a four-blade propeller to replace the original 24 "three-blade propeller of the boat, which we have kept as a propeller of respect to cope with any eventuality.

The four-bladed propeller allowed a fuel saving of more than 10% and, like the previous one, exhibited exceptional strength, withstanding repeated impacts with logs and ice over more than 30,000 total miles per engine (for the two propellers ), without ever a problem of switching to the flag position or reverse, in both freezing and tropical waters.

 Caffe Vergnano

Caffè Vergnano, the oldest national coffee producer, managed by the Vergnano family since 1882, has successfully continued for 129 years in the name of tradition and innovation to promote the culture of coffee in Italy and in the world. The company is now led by the President Carlo Vergnano and the CEO Franco Vergnano.

It is a solid entrepreneurial reality, capable of facing the new challenges of the market with dynamism and professional competence, which has established itself on the Italian market and has conquered new important spaces on the international scene. Caffè Vergnano exports to over 60 countries around the world and employs around 100 employees. The success is attributed to the constant search for qualitative perfection, which true coffee connoisseurs have appreciated and recognized at Caffè Vergnano for over a century. A mission that is pursued with passion, enthusiasm and spirit of initiative by the fourth generation of the family.
With a plant of 13,500 square meters, located in Santena (Turin), 14 automated production lines, over 80 product references and double-digit growth from 2001 to today, Caffè Vergnano closed 2010 with a turnover of 50,250. 000 euros (52% from large retailers, 32% from bars and restaurants and the remaining 16% from exports). An important result that underlines the growth trend and establishes the brand among the main players in the coffee segment.

Caffé Vergnano provided us with coffee for the trip, much appreciated.


Pernigotti: a history of delicacies and quality that began in 1860 and which over the years has become part of the most important Italian confectionery tradition.

For more than 150 years Pernigotti has been offering products of the highest quality, the result of the careful selection of raw materials, passion and love for each creation, which arise from over a hundred years of experience.

The Pernigotti gianduia, a delicate blend of cocoa and hazelnuts, has always been the symbol of Italian chocolate.

Pernigotti nougat, an ancient recipe that combines the sweetness of honey with the fragrance of dried fruit, is a unique and engaging combination.

Today, after 150 years of success, Pernigotti presents itself with a contemporary look, but always faithful to itself and to its principles. Those principles that have transformed a small Piedmontese artisan workshop into one of the most famous Italian brands.

Today Pernigotti is a company that produces chocolates, Easter eggs, nougats, nougats, and a whole range of semi-finished products for ice cream and pastry: all products that aim for excellence in quality and innovation in respect of tradition, to ensure the maximum satisfaction of its customers.

Pernigotti supplied our galley with his well-liked hazelnut energy chocolate bars.

Digiboat: Software on Board

Digiboat and its flagship product, Software-On-Board (SOB), was originally conceived in Australia. Now a global company with Resellers throughout the world, Digiboat has over half a million users of SOB in over 150 countries.
We believe the superior functionality of Digiboat's flagship product SOB, is a result of it being written, researched, beta tested and upgraded by Sailors, not Sellers. Every part of SOB has been designed, modified and used in real life inshore and offshore passages, yacht races, and power and sail boats, so it actually "does what people need" rather than trying to "sell what it can do".
Software-On-Board is a WindowsTM navigation program which, when loaded with C-Map charts and connected to a GPS, gives real-time on-screen chart positioning and advanced navigation calculations, displayed in easily understood data panels - automating and simplifying the process of planning, piloting and navigation.
Turn your computer and GPS into a Chartplotter using C-Map Charts, and Software-On-Board, and, when email is available onboard, SOB becomes a complete weather display and planning tool via use of freely available GRIB files.
SOB includes all the standard features, displays and tools found in similar products, plus advanced navigation tools and many unique and original features - all designed to be extremely easy to use, even in the typically difficult computing environment found onboard.

Digiboat has provided us with the navigation software that reads the C-Map maps on the on-board PC.

Il Franente Publishing House

The Il Franente Publishing House of Verona publishes in Italian a series of pilot books aimed at recreational navigation and distributes publishers specialized in nautical publishing or specific titles published by publishers with generic catalogs.

It also publishes stories of great sea voyages made by Italian navigators unknown to the general public, because they are not involved in extreme sporting feats, but moved solely by their passion and the spirit of traveling in absolute freedom.

It also publishes textbooks, with particular attention to teaching and navigation techniques. With a stock of over 10,000 maps from various hydrographic institutes, it guarantees a constant and rapid delivery of cartography all over the world.
Il Franente has created its own website with online purchase, making the range of products of which it is publisher and distributor accessible to all. Currently the site offers users over 2000 articles including books, nautical charts, correspondence tools and naval objects, always available for prompt delivery. In this way Il Franente is able to quickly satisfy the requests of all sailors, wherever they reside.

Il Franente supported Arctic Sail Expeditions - Italy with the supply of some nautical charts necessary for navigation along the North West Passage.

Solaro Castle

Immersed in its splendid centuries-old park, the Castle is the ideal location for: wedding banquets, congresses and meetings, receptions for baptisms, communions, confirmations, birthdays and anniversaries or simply for a candlelit dinner.


At the Castello dei Solaro restaurant you will find evocative settings, refined cuisine and a wide choice of exclusive services that will make every moment of your event unique and unforgettable.

Thanks to its strategic position, the Castle is easily accessible  from some of the main cities of Piedmont such as: Turin, Cuneo, Pinerolo, Mondovì and Alba.


The Castello dei Solaro offered the gala dinner to the Best Explorer crew at the end of the expedition with a party attended by almost a hundred friends and supporters.


Istituto Sociale of Turin

The Istituto Sociale of Turin is one of the six institutes of the network of schools run by the Jesuit Fathers in Italy. Currently it is attended by about 650 students, divided between kindergarten, primary, lower secondary school, classical high school and scientific high school.

The validity and strength of this institute are grafted onto the profound, solid and centuries-old foundation of the spirituality and pedagogy of the Society of Jesus, dating back to the figure and work of St. Ignatius of Loyola, updated and progressively reworked over the centuries.

The Social Institute, as a school of the Society of Jesus, has been committed for 130 years not only to "instructing", but above all to promoting and developing in its students a constructive spirit which, in every area of their life, leads them to seek the "magis", that "best" which is one of the aspects that characterize the schools and the realities in which the Jesuits are present.

Recently, in order to better respond to contemporary educational and training needs, it has created a project of strong technological innovation by training its teachers and introducing IWBs (Interactive Multimedia Whiteboards) in all classrooms, equipping them with multimedia stations with PCs, speakers and connection to Internet.

The Social Institute collaborates with the North West Passage with some educational projects that involve different disciplines: Italian, economics, geography, English, history and health education.

The literary production of the countries of the north of the world will be examined, their urbanization, nutrition and their inclusion within the context of the foundations of international coexistence will be studied. There will be workshops in English during which the specific vocabulary necessary for the production of short texts will be studied. The work will proceed by providing a strong confrontation with our reality from a cultural, social and historical point of view.

Salassa elementary schools

The Primary School of Salassa - inclusive Institute of Favria

Classes IV-V as 2011-2012 Teacher: Adriana Seren Bernardone

Educational workshop project on Inuit myths and Arctic fairy tales linked to the Italian expedition Passage to the North-West.

The tales illustrated by the students are published on our site.



Jeppesen distributes C-Map electronic nautical charts.

Jeppesen provided some of the cards that the expedition used on its two plotters.

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