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The expedition


The North West Passage expedition was designed and undertaken by the Arctic Sail Expeditions Association - Italy starting in 2010.

The Northwest Passage route was traveled in the summer of 2012 starting from our base of operations, Tromsø, in the north of Norway, touching Iceland, going up the west coast of Greenland, then entering the labyrinth of the Nunavut archipelago. north of Canada, continuing along the low coast of Alaska and then descending beyond the Bering Strait to the Aleutian Islands, in the Pacific.Our boat has been hardened by several years of navigation in the ice of the Svalbard Islands, over 80 ° The crew was mainly made up of people used to tackling long voyages together in difficult seas, but included enthusiasts who have shown that they know how to integrate well with the crew. There have been numerous changes in the stop locations. The tasks on board are static and he also took care of documenting the feat with photos and videos.On a sailboat we were able to travel a route that takes place almost entirely north of the Arctic Circle.

Along the way we were able to approach the mysterious arctic fauna with minimal disturbance, cooperating with each other, facing the difficulties of the extreme environment and coexistence in stressful conditions, avoiding the useless conflicts that now seem to be the normality of existence emphasized in television shows.Our years of sailing experience in the Far North has taught us to navigate the ice minimizing risks and has brought us into contact with people of different experiences and cultures from our own, from whom we have learned a lot about life in extreme conditions.


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