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The long route

The animation of the path followed by Best Explorer from 2007 to 2019

Leaving Imperia in 2007 for Tromsø, Best Explorer then heads to Svalbard for a few years. The decision to visit the Pacific coast of North America leads almost by chance to travel the route of the Northwest Passage, the first Italian boat (and with an Italian crew) to do it. After descending the coast towards Baja California we decided to spend a few years in the Pacific on our way to Australia. During the journey we slowly matured the decision to return to Europe and feeling the nostalgia of the Arctic we gradually prepared to travel the Northeast Passage. Having overcome countless difficulties in 2019 we completed this imprint too, becoming the first Italian boat and moreover. with Italian crew to conclude the circumnavigation of the Arctic, the tenth ever and the second absolute in a clockwise direction.

Past trips

Section in preparation

Tahiti, Moorea and the windward islands

From Raiatea to Rarotonga

From Rarotonga to Niué and Alle Tonga

From Tonga to Fiji

Around Fiji

From Fiji to Vanuatu

From Vanuatu to New Caledonia

From New Caledonia to Australia

From Mexico to the Galapagos

Strolling around the Galapagos

From the Galapagos to the Marquesas

From the Marquesas to Tahiti

Tahiti, Moorea and the windward islands

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